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a two island kitchen each with a separate function, the middle island is for food prep, the outer island is for entertaining

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S e r g i o  M a r i n  A r c h i t e c t u r e  a n d  D e s i g n


A built in bench with lots of storage

A sun bath entry foyer with 3/4 height recessed panels

One and a half story space with decorative trusses

Open plan kitchen

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S E R G I O  M A R I N

The existing bearing wall was removed and the space re-configured with custom made country style cabinetry

Space configuration, several walls are removed and windows put in on the opposite wall for light and lake views semi-custom cabinetry


Pass thru from breakfast area thru the kitchen and double story great room beyond

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Coffer ceilings and arched windows

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