Residential Design.

  • Additions and alterations and New, single and multi-family
  • Apartment remodels

Retail design,

  • store branding, custom cabinetry
  • Restaurant, Bar design

Mixed Use Buildings

Corporate Office Design

Custom millwork

Interior Design​

Legalizations and Maintain Work

Building department coordination

Zoning Board of Appeals (Variance),Planning Board

Architectural Review Board


Site Planning and design

Feasibility Studies

Zoning Analysis

Façade Restorations and Repairs

NYC Landmarked and Historical Preservation & Restorations

3D Modeling / Building Information Modeling

Construction Administration & Management

We pride ourselves on listening to your needs then creating solutions  that will exceed your highest expectations.

We consistently deliver a well designed project that is sensible and ultimately add value .

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S E R G I O  M A R I N


Detailed finesse



Sergio Marin was born in Cuba. He arrived in the United States when he was nine years of age, and learned as a young boy that hard work and tenacity produced results. A creative soul at heart, . He is a licensed and registered Architect in New York and Connecticut.

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Our promise

 Lending a unique brand of design magic to each project, Sergio stamps each design solution with an unmistakable mark of truly customized creativity, created to represent individual tastes.
From inception to completion, Sm architecture and design offer full architectural design services.
Sergio and his team strive to establish a friendly, open relationship with every client with spectacular end results that will surely exceed expectations.
A registered architect with over 20 years of experience, Sergio wholeheartedly involves himself in each unique project.
Visiting job sites, Sergio works closely with superintendents and subcontractors to ensure unyielding commitment to design excellence

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